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We will explain what we mean by a value driven service and why it has been highly successful at facilitating the full inclusion of adults with developmental disabilities into productive good paying jobs and emotionally satisfying community-based activities and relationships.

We have developed a humanistic service model that focuses on the individual, not behavioral outcomes, but the outcomes are a powerful testimony to the strength of our model.

"Pacific Diversified Services is celebrating 20 years of service to our clients and community. I was given an opportunity to start this unique program just after finishing a master’s degree in special education and still in my early twenties. I was greatly influenced by my aunt, Lena, who had Down syndrome. She lived at the Sonoma State Hospital and rarely left the institution unless family took her out shopping or to a restaurant. I always wished that I could do more with Lena. I thought that once I started driving, I might be able to take her to the movies or to my house to stay overnight. Sadly, she became ill and died when I was a teenager.

As a result of my relationship with my aunt, I knew from a very early age that I wanted to work with people with disabilities, to help them find opportunities that my aunt didn't get to experience.

PDS was founded on the abiding belief that everyone deserves to be treated equally and be given the same opportunities, regardless of the severity of their disability. We are driven by values of love, compassion, and respect for our clients and their families.

Thank you for participating in our online training! We hope to inspire you with what is possible and to help you turn dreams into reality!"

Lisa Markey Giraldi, Executive Director

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